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Dr Jade Patterson


Dr Jade Patterson 

BvSc, BSc, MVSc, MCert.

How long have you been practicing as a vet - how did you start out?

I have always known I wanted to be a vet, from as early as I can remember. I followed my dream and graduated from the University of Sydney in November 2005. My first job as a graduate was in a busy, mixed practice in Mackay. I was part of a 6-vet practice and worked with small animals, exotic pets and large animals, mostly horses and cattle. After 3.5 years at this practice, I moved to Brisbane and worked as a full time locum for Greencross Vets, during this time I worked in over 13 practices throughout Brisbane. It was a fantastic opportunity to work alongside many different vets and nurses, always learning along the way. In early 2010 I was offered an amazing opportunity to work as a clinical veterinarian at Melbourne Zoo, taking care of all the collection animals. At the same time completing a Masters research project in conjunction with Melbourne University, studying Victoria’s iconic koalas. After taking a break from work to start a family, I am now ready and excited to start my own mobile veterinary business.

Do you have a specific area that you specialise in?

I have a special interest in internal medicine and complicated medical cases. I find it extremely rewarding to work out why your pet is not well and help to return them to health. Helping animals in an emergency situation is another of my passions. Over the next couple of years, I plan on pursuing further study in both internal medicine and emergency medicine. Something I am excited about!

My passion has always been wildlife and conservation. This is why I completed a Masters in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and Surgery at Melbourne Zoo and the University of Melbourne. I am on the board for a charity I founded here in Australia to fund a Wildlife Veterinary Project in Zambia, Africa, where I spent my childhood. I am also an active member of Wildcare Straddie and work alongside the other hardworking volunteers and provide my veterinary expertise on a voluntary basis to all orphaned and injured wildlife on the island.

What are some common owner errors that you see, that could help people manage their pet's health better?

It is always tempting to give your pet leftovers from your dinner but I ask that you avoid fatty foods as they can upset your pet’s digestive system and cause pancreatitis, which is a painful condition and can be difficult and expensive to treat. Avoid onions and garlic as they are toxic. Never feed cooked bones to your pets, raw, lean bones are a great and much enjoyed alternative!

What are some Straddie-specific concerns that animal owners should be aware of?

We have some beautiful areas on the island to walk your beloved dogs. However, if you do take your dog for walks in the bush, give them a cuddle and check for paralysis ticks when you return, even if you give them flea and tick control. Remember that most ticks will be around the face and neck but check over their whole body thoroughly. Lastly, given the sheer number of mosquitos on the island at the moment, it is imperative to have your pet on heartworm prevention, as mosquitos are the vectors for heartworm. If you are unsure what your options are, give me a call and I’ll walk you through it.

What is a very unusual condition that you have seen?

A couple of interesting cases that stick in my mind would be helping with a root canal surgery on a Sumatran tiger’s canine tooth. I was also extremely lucky to be present at the birth of an elephant calf at Melbourne Zoo after a long and difficult labour. Something I will never forget!

More importantly, I think I should mention a common but often distressing and potentially difficult to manage common problem… itchy dogs! I have seen quiet a few dogs around the island that obviously suffer from sore and itchy skin. Itchy skin is a complicated condition and very unpleasant for your pet and you! It is often multifactorial but with the correct care and help can be treated and dramatically improved. If you have an itchy pet, do not despair, it would give me great pleasure to work towards getting them better.

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Open hours varied due to COVID–19
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